Agricultural spare parts are critical to equipment performance and efficiency

Essential Spare

Maintaining combine capacity and operating at peak performance requires constant attention and knowledge of the combine's parts and features.

Maintain Combine

A combine is a complex machine that needs periodic attention and maintenance in order to operate efficiently. Proper care includes cleaning the shoe, which helps control grain loss and maintain combine capacity. The feed system on a combine also houses other parts that help the machine separate and move grains from the threshing machine into storage tanks. These include straw walkers, rotors, and crop velocity adjusters that work together to help the combine run at its highest productivity.

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The type of feed delivered to an animal varies greatly, depending on the producer’s needs and preferences. In the United States, dry feed is typically used, while in many other countries of the world a liquid feed application system is common.

Threshing Machine

The Threshing Machine is a vital part of the combine harvester, used worldwide to efficiently harvest grain crops. It is a sophisticated piece of machinery with numerous essential spare parts that need to be repaired or replaced from time to time.


The threshing process consists of a series of mechanical devices that separates wheat from the straw and allows it to be disposed of. It is a critical process that completes the entire farming operations.


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Tires, also known as tyres (British English), are an essential spare part of combine harvesters and provide the grip and traction that the vehicle needs on the road surface. They also contribute to the safety of the vehicle by providing a smooth ride, reducing the braking distance, and absorbing road shocks. Combines also come with flex draper headers that use a flexible cutter bar that self adjusts to uneven ground or small obstacles. They have become popular for their high collecting speeds and reduced grain loss.