Agricultural spare parts are critical to equipment performance and efficiency

Agriculture Equipment

Every farmer knows that it costs less to keep your farm equipment and machinery in good running condition than it does to repair it once it breaks down.


Agricultural equipment plays a major role in keeping farms running efficiently. The processes involved in seeding, harvesting and other important agricultural tasks are typically time-sensitive, so the assets needed to carry them out need to be in working order at all times. Keeping up with regular maintenance and upgrades for your agriculture equipment can help ensure that it stays in the best possible condition throughout its lifespan, thus maximizing its value and potential as an investment. In addition, it will help you avoid hefty government fines. It’s important to follow state and federal laws when using your agriculture equipment and tools. Find out more detail about 123 Landbruk As.


According to a study by the Virginia Cooperative Extension, many farmers could reduce their machinery repair costs by 25 percent if they improved routine maintenance procedures. A well-managed maintenance program can save a farm owner up to 25% on repair and maintenance costs. 



Maintaining equipment properly can also help minimize the cost of repairs and upgrades in the future. A thorough equipment service program can save farmers 25 percent on repair costs over the life of a device, according to Virginia Cooperative Extension.


In addition, taking good care of your agriculture equipment can also increase its resale value when you are ready to sell it. A well-run equipment service program can provide clear, easy to read records and documentation for prospective buyers, which can result in a higher sale price. Find out more detail about kjetting.

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In addition to replacing equipment when it is old, a good farm maintenance program will keep track of the condition of key components and identify potential problems before they become significant issues. Taking regular preventative measures like oil testing and ensuring that cooling fans operate at their proper frequency, for example, can help farmers catch faults early on and reduce the likelihood of a  costly repair down the road. Learn more information about plog.